Swimming Pool Covers & Spa Pool Covers

Heating an uncovered pool is like heating a house without a roof! Besides dramatic savings on power bills for heated swimming pools and spas, having a swimming pool cover or spa pool cover also provide savings from reduced maintenance and cleaning, solar heating, energy conservation, reduced condensation and elimination of evaporation of both water and chlorine.

PCS Auto Safety Cover

- available in Recessed TopTrak, DeckMounted TopTrak, Recessed UnderTrak


PCS provide safety pool covers that can be integrated into just about every type of pool design and configuration, indoor and outdoor. Available in a variety of colours and installation options, they blend seamlessly into the design of your pool and landscape.

Auto Safety Cover

Slatted Cover

remco slatted pool cover

Remco Swimroll Pool Covers provide an impenetrable surface, ensuring outstanding pool safety. Leaves, debris and dirt are prevented from entering the pool water, keeping your pool beautifully clean.


Manual Insulation Cover

ian coombes manual insulation cover

This system reduces pool operating costs dramatically, with options available for residential and commercial pools that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor situations.

Ian Coombes

Mesh Winter Cover

mesh winter pool cover

Mesh Pool Covers are most often used when covering your swimming pool for long periods of time. Mesh covers are very secure and add an incredible layer of protection that is not affected by the water level in the swimming pool.

Pool Cover Specialists

Be-Lite Aluminum Spa Cover

Be-Lite Aluminum Spa Cover

The cover is made from aluminum and foam. The cover is a full 2” thick for added insulating value and is protected by our limited warranty.

Be-Lite Spa Covers

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