Swimming Pool Lift Chairs, Christchurch

Pool Lift Chairs offer an easy, safe way to access swimming pools and spas. They are ideal for disabled person access and comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Pathfinder Lift

This pool lift features a sleek reversible design and with minimal moving parts make this compact lift easy to maintain.

Capable of supporting over 130 Kgs, the Pathfinder is our most affordable ADA compliant lift. This adaptable design allows for multiple installation options.

The Pathfinder


  • - 300 lb (136 kg) weight capacity
  • - ADA compliant
  • - Fully reversible configuration
  • - Setback range 14”-16” (35.5-40cm)
  • - Dual flip-up armrests
  • - Submersible remote handset
  • - Rechargeable battery operation
    (charger included)
  • - 2 year warranty



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