Swimming Pool Filtration

Cristal-Flo™ II Top-Mount Filters

Press, twist, and relax For residential inground or aboveground swimming pools requiring turnover through 59,000 gallons, at flow rates up to 20 GPM for 8 to 10 hours. Permanent media high rate sand filters in 15", 17", 20", 24" and 30" diameter models accommodate large and small pools, offering the best combination of economy, performance, durability and ease of maintenance. Corrosion resistant, one-piece, extra-thick molded polyethylene tank assures long service life. Top-mounted, corrosion-resistant multiport selector valve included. Also includes a convenient tank winterizing drain and continuous air relief system.


  • Quality Construction Durable one-piece extra-thick molded polyethylene tank
  • Safe Internal air relief hole allows air to automatically escape, preventing high pressure buildup
  • 6-Position Valve Allows you to perform all necessary water movement functions. A transparent sight-glass adapter is included
  • Large Drain Plug Large drain plug is easy to get at for removing and installing by hand or with tools if required
  • Sleek Looks Contemporary style with a textured black finish that provides superior performance in all weather conditions

Sta-Rite Max-E-Pro Swimming Pool Pumps



  • Very smooth, powerful, Energy Efficient and quiet operation
  • Stainless steel motor shaft, brass wear rings, cool shaft seal
  • Elevated motor, easily/quickly removes from pump
  • 1 year warranty
  • Extremely Efficient Motors - are featured on the Max-E-Pro pump models.  They use less energy to do more work than other pumps with similar horsepower ratings.
  • Large Capacity Trap - can handle large debris without clogging.
  • Plumbing Flexibility - 2" ports with internal and external threads and unions facilitate fast, easy Max E Pro installation.
  • Fast Cleaning - New Quick-Lock trap ring, with a permanently lubricated O-ring, permits fast access to the Max-E-Pro strainer basket. "See-thru" lid lets you check for debris without lifting a finger.
  • Top Efficiency - Max E Pro pumps do more work than pumps of equal or greater horsepower. Models available from 1/2 to 3HP.
  • Extremely Quiet - Specially designed base dampens sound and vibration.
  • Heavy Duty - Viton® shaft seal stands up to all chemicals.

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