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The most intelligent pool pump technology…and huge energy savings!

Simply put, the IntelliFlo VF pump is the smartest pool pump ever invented. Based upon which features are being run, it calculates the minimum flow needed to power that task to achieve maximum performance and minimum energy use.


  • Dramatically Longer Life
  • Permanent magnet motor runs cooler, with less vibration than outmoded induction motors. Less wear and tear on pump components and other equipment.
  • TEFC design provides exceptional protection from the elements.
  • Built-in diagnostics that detect the most common causes of premature wear and tear—loss of prime, overheating, freezing and voltage irregularities. Quieter Than a Whisper
  • The quietest pump on the planet—thanks to its permanent magnet motor, TEFC design and its ability to operate at lower speeds. You may not even know it’s operating.
  • Improves Filtering and Water Chemistry
  • Slower, longer run times reduce algae build-up.
  • More effective filtration—small particles aren’t forced through your filter under high pressure.
  • Makes automatic chlorinators and chemical dispensers more effective because water moves slower for longer periods of time. Easily Adapts to Your Changing Needs
  • Add or change equipment without reducing performance or efficiency.
  • Lets you adjust flow to water features to alter their appearance and performance.
  • Compatible with IntelliTouch®, EasyTouch® and SunTouch® Control Systems for added control.

INTELLIBRITE® 5G Underwater Led Lights



Brilliant underwater lighting at less than half the energy used by competing LED lights. With IntelliBrite 5g lights, combinations of individual colored LED lights are mixed and matched to achieve a vibrant spectrum of colors*. These combinations are power sequenced to illuminate and cycle through colors at varying speeds, and in different sequences of color. With its custom reflector and innovative lens design, the IntelliBrite 5g light is the brightest and most efficient underwater LED light available.


  • IntelliBrite 5g pool lights provide vivid illumination using less than half the energy of competing LED lights.
  • Consuming only 30 watts for pool lights and 18 watts for spa lights, IntelliBrite 5g color-changing LED lights use significantly less energy than traditional incandescent and halogen pool lights.
  • Cool running LED lights are durable, solid-state technology with no internal filament to wear out.
  • Unlike many LED pool lights, IntelliBrite 5g lights continue to work even when a single LED goes out.
  • Set one of 5 predetermined fixed colors to match the mood for the evening…and change as desired.
  • Select from 7 popular pre-programmed light shows. Selections include slow scrolls through various color ranges from a mesmerizing and calming routine, to rapid-fire color changes that build energy and excitement for your evening.
  • Enjoy the even distribution of the brightest LED light on the market combined with a custom reflector and lens designed to eliminate glare and “hot spots”.


IntelliChem-swimming-pool-chemical-doserStep up to the new IntelliChem® Chemical Controller pool chemical management system. The IntelliChem controller automatically monitors your pH and sanitizing levels and delivers just the right amount of chemicals to keep your pool clearer, safer and ready to enjoy…anytime.


  • Eliminates the time and guesswork that lead to imbalances as bather loads change and airborne contaminants invade your pool.
  • Eliminates eye and skin irritation and the odor caused by out-of-balance water conditions.
  • Helps protect your pool equipment from corrosion caused when pH swings in and out of balance.
  • Minimizes chemical costs by adding chemicals with precision, and only when needed, to eliminate waste. No more manual handling of chlorine and acid.
  • Makes sanitizer more effective by eliminating fluctuations in pH level.
  • Auto Setup/Configuration wizard makes start-up quick and easy.

There’s no better way to maintain safer, clear, irritation-free pool water than with an IntelliChem controller.


The truly intelligent pool and spa control system.

intellitouch-pool-controlsAn IntelliTouch® Control System takes the work and worry out of scheduling and operating pool and spa heating, filtration and cleaning cycles. It also gives you one-touch control over additional heaters, valves, pool lights, landscape lights, water features and more. At the same time, an IntelliTouch system makes sure all your equipment operates at peak efficiency for minimum energy usage and cost.

Four-function spa-side remote

  • Installs in spa deck or tile.
  • Controls any four items such as spa jets, spa lights or pool lights.
  • LED lamp indicates Heating and Spa modes. Ten-function spa-side remote
  • Installs in spa deck or tile, semi-flush or surface-mounted.
  • Can be retrofitted to previous iS10 installation.
  • Controls any ten items such as spa jets, spa lights, pool lights, air blower, fiber optic lighting, colored lighting, water features, etc.
  • Thermostatic temperature control.
  • LED indicators for all buttons with backlit labels.
  • Controls variable speed or variable flow pump speed. Handheld wireless remote
  • Controls any four items/functions such as spa jets, spa lights and pool lights.

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